Practice Areas

Probate Law

Your loved one wrote their will on a crumpled up piece of paper, and now what do you do with it? Handling an estate is not always as easy as dividing up the assests. How do you handle the minors, the creditors, the unknown family members? Using the right form and documents to get through the probate process is a key to closing out and/or setting up a loved one’s estate. Sometimes litigation or a court appearance is necessary to handle an estate contest or a way to handle the issues in a will, as well as scenarios where a family member who has died without a will. An experienced attorney is necessary in these cases.


Sometimes someone you love can no longer make or communicate decisions on what is best for them. This may happen to someone who is younger and has a disability or severe mental illness and could never make their own decisions but are turning 18, or when the person reaches older years and can no longer effectively make decisions. Guardianship is a legal process to allow someone else, preferably a loved one, to take on the legal role of guardian. When the need arises there is also the process of being a conservator to handle the financial side of making sure decisions are made.

Elder Law and Estate Planning

Planning for your future is something everyone should do, whether you are 25 and just starting out or 85 and trying to make things easier for your children or loved ones. Documents, such as wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare powers of attorney properly crafted and written provide your loved ones with an understanding of your wishes if and when you can no longer share those wishes. Although a quick internet search can give you access to easily downloadable documents, these forms often miss the intricacies and legal impacts that your choices create. Working with an attorney in planning for the future and estate planning gives you the sense of security in knowing that everything you need for future preparations has been covered.